Sign Up for Our Fundraising Banquet

We are excited to announce the return of our Evangel Life fundraising banquets, which we paused in 2020 for COVID-19. Ongoing mission expenses prompt us to bring them back.

We are especially eager to send help to struggling fellowships, such as our community in Uganda, among other mission expenses.

On August 2 at 6:30 PM at the Fellowship Hall, we will have a great night: a time for fellowship, excellent food, and support for the ministry worldwide.

Our menu is Texas-Southwest inspired and sure to strike a pleasant chord during this summer season!

Reservations are required and available until July 30.


  1. Reserve a whole table for $25. Provide names upfront. If your table isn’t full, we’ll add guests who need seating.
  2. Request unassigned tickets, and we’ll confirm within 24 hours by email or text. These tickets aren’t guaranteed until confirmed. We’ll assign seats, and no changes can be made. Groups reserved together will be seated together if possible.